Ben-To Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album containing music from the anime adaptation of Ben-To.

Track listing Edit

  1. M22 Sadness 2 (M22 悲しみ2)
  2. M1 Daily Life 1 Start of a Casual Day (M1 日常1 何気ない一日の始まり)
  3. M6 Daily Life 2 Love-like Mood (M6 日常2 恋愛に似た雰囲気)
  4. M14 Comedy 4 Annoyance (M14 コミカル4 いらつき)
  5. M8 Yarizui 1 Indifference (M8 槍水1 淡々)
  6. M29 M33 Battle 1 Battle 5 (M29 M33 戦闘1 戦闘5)
  7. M2 Daily Life 2 Carefree (M2 日常2 のんびり)
  8. M11 Comedy 1 Downhearted (M11 コミカル1 しょんぼり)
  9. M13 Comedy 3 Plan (M13 コミカル3 企み)
  10. M31 Battle 3 Tough Enemy (M31 戦闘3 強敵)
  11. M30 Battle 2 Ice Witch (M30 戦闘2 氷結の魔女)
  12. M16 Sentiment 1 Kindness (M16 心情1 優しさ)
  13. EyeCatch (EyeCatch)
  14. M20 I gotta turn it on (M20 I gotta turn it on)
  15. M23 Sadness 3 Defeat (M23 悲しみ3 敗北)
  16. M3 Daily Life 3 Indifference (M3 日常3 淡々)
  17. M24 Seriousness 1 Sawagi Sisters (M24 シリアス1 沢桔姉妹)
  18. M17 Sentiment 2 Reminiscence (M17 心情2 回想)
  19. M10 Shiraume Silent Threat (M10 白梅 静かな凄み)
  20. M34 Battle 6 Rising Speed (M34 戦闘6 アップテンポ)
  21. M19 Sentiment 4 Post-Victory Dinner (M19 心情4 勝利の後の晩餐)
  22. M18 Sentiment 3 Optimism (M18 心情3 前向き)
  23. M21 Sadness 1 Tragedy (M21 悲しみ1 悲壮感)
  24. M25 Thrill 1 (M25 サスペンス1)
  25. M28 Tension (M28 緊張感)
  26. M32 Battle 4 Glaring (M32 戦闘4 睨み合い)
  27. M35 Gelida fenice (M35 Gelida fenice)
  28. M7 Daily Life 7 Impression (M7 日常7 感動)

Notes Edit

  • Track 14: lyrics and vocals by Shinya Ogura
  • Track 27: lyrics by Kaori Kano, vocals by Kazuhiro Komiya
  • All tracks: composed and arranged by Taku Iwasaki

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