Large Serving of Cheese-Filled Katsu Curry 1080kcal
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date October 23, 2011
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Large Serving of Cheese-Filled Katsu Curry 1080kcal is the third episode of the Ben-To anime.


Yoh gets a lot of hassle from the class president, Ume Shiraume, due to him hanging around Hana. As Yoh and Hana go to a supermarket, they meet a kendo club member named Yamahara, who invites them to join a group called the Hounds, who use teamwork to help members get half-priced bento. As Yoh and Hana take a trial period with the group, Yoh feels the bento he obtains this method don't taste as good as he thinks. After reminiscing about old times, Yoh turns down Yamahara's offer, realizing that food tastes best when you fight for it. Having realized the true meaning of half-price bento, Sen gives Yoh and Hana keys to the club room. The next morning, Yoh finds his cousin, Ayame Shaga, sleeping in his bed.

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