Name Hercule
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Personal stats
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional stats
Occupation Unknown
Bento Brawler
Affiliation Club Of Hercules
First appearance
Anime Episode 11
Japanese Akira Ishida
English Clifford Chaplin
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Hercules "Club Of Hercules" is a formidable foe who doesn't appear up until the last two episodes.


Hercules is generally seen wearing a red cap and a blue jacket and black pants. Under that jacket he has just a basic white T-shirt, which is seen past his shoulders.  He has black hair and brown eyes.


Hercules is shown to be at times a very calm and extremely self-confident. He was not afraid to walk up to Orthrus and tell them to leave. He also is very manipulative, manipulating everyone's feelings about losing to the same people all the time. So much that Orthrus never did fight back, and instead did what he told them to do.


He has only been seen once in combat, and though said to be a powerful foe, when he began brawling, he was able to hold his own with Satō, even able to knock him back. He was able to be taken down when he was tripled team, so he can't handle multiple opponents at once, but is able to take on someone as good as Satō. Though before he was able to take out multiple other unnamed wolves simultaneously, and with ease. So he isn't on the level of an average wolf, but still isn't on a level of Orthrus.


He doesn't have much relationships with anyone in the series that is focused on, but he has much hatred for Orthrus, and everyone who ruined his "plan".