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File:Kyo Sawagi.Vice Prez.pngFile:LN 1 artwork.pngFile:LN 2 artwork.png
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File:Nikaido.jpg .jpgFile:Older Kyou Inside The Store.pngFile:Ooinoshishi.jpg
File:Ren Kiku And Tadaaki All Having Lunch In The Past.pngFile:Road to Ice Wtich - Chapter 1 Cover.jpgFile:Road to Witch 1 - Sen staring into space.png
File:Road to Witch 1 - Sen treats Yu to noodles.pngFile:Road to Witch 1 - Yu knocks out a brawler.pngFile:Road to Witch 1 - Yu thanks Sen for the meal.png
File:Rsz ooooooooooooo.pngFile:Satou In The Manga.pngFile:Satou Stops To Check On Shaga.png
File:Satou Thinking About Joining.pngFile:Sen Leaving School.pngFile:Sen Smiling At Satou At Night.png
File:Sen Waking Up From Sleeping.pngFile:Sen Yarizui full.pngFile:Shaga And Asebi In The Gaming Room.png
File:Shaga Sleeping By The Lake.pngFile:Shaga and Asebi Stop Running In The Halls.pngFile:Shaga and Yarizui Standing Side By Side.png
File:Template Placeholder person.pngFile:The Ooinoshishi Big Boar.pngFile:The Sawagi Sisters First Appear.png
File:The Women Of BenTo Dressed Up.jpgFile:Twitterbutton.pngFile:UmeUme.png
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