Marika Yarizui
Marika Hugging Her Sister Sen
Name Marika Yarizui
Personal stats
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional stats
Occupation Unknown
Bento Brawler
Affiliation Half Priced Food Lovers Club
First appearance
Anime N/A
Manga N/A
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Marika Yarizui is the younger sister of Sen Yarizui who was unexpectedly caught in a bento brawl and injured before being rescued by Satou Yoh and being reunited with her sister Sen.


Marika has a very playful personality, similar to Asebi Inoue. She also treats her older sister with a lot of respect and is glad that Sen is a bento brawler.


Marika is normally wearing a white jacket with a blue and white striped shirt underneath it. She also has white hair and red eyes, like her sister. She also has a red skirt on with boots for her feet.