Name Monk
Kanji 坊主
Romaji Bōzu
Personal stats
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional stats
Occupation Unknown
Bento Brawler
Affiliation West Bento Brawlers
First appearance
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Ryoukichi Takahashi
English Tyson Rienhart
(Image Gallery)
Monk is one of wolves that appear in the TV show. He is generally seen fighting alongside the others and doesn't have much of a role when he appears.


Monk is bald fighter and has dots on his forehead. He also is seen wearing a white jacket with a green tee under it.


Monk is a fairly kind wolf. He takes pride in fighting for bento and dislikes when people treat him less than a wolf, and also dislikes when boars attempt to take bentos dishonorably. He also seems to hate it when people call him 'Baldy', which was evident when both Goatee and Sen called him Baldy.


His skill in combat is just a little higher than an average wolf.

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