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The Ooinoshishi Big Boar
Name Ooinoshishi
Kanji 大猪
Romaji Ooinoshishi
Personal stats
Gender Female
Status Shopper
Professional stats
Bento Brawler
First appearance
Anime Episode 2
Japanese Kimiko Saito
English Monica Rial
(Image Gallery)

Ooinoshishi is a middle-aged woman who is infamous in the western section as a 'boar', the lowest class of the bento brawlers. She is very fond of using her girth to to use a grocery cart to push aside other wolves, then grab as many bentos as she could, sometimes without the half-price sticker on it. She would then intimidate the God of Discounts into placing the stickers on the bentos.


Ooinoshishi is a middle aged obese woman who is only seen wearing a light blue shirt and underneath it a yellow shirt.

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